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Bill Ward October 20th 16 07:04 PM
Savers about to renew their certificates for three years are being offered RPI * 0.01%. Without a crystal ball how can anyone contemplate them? Bill.
[email protected] October 12th 16 11:38 AM
What's happened to these forums? This legal forum is full of absolute rubbish. Why isn't it being moderated????
Richard Evans July 26th 16 07:26 PM
Hi I just wondered if you can give some advice on the following.... We have recently used a supplier in another EC Member State, they have printed for us brochures at a cost of £25000 (no vat as zero rated) These brochures have then been delivered to us in the UK. The printers have issued us an invoice in sterling Now when it comes to filling in the VAT return, would I need to: Show this...
Bill Ward July 9th 16 11:39 PM
On 25/05/2016 21:43, Harold Davis wrote: Recently retired NATO general Richard Shirreff, who was Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe (DSACEUR) until 2014, has warned about the possibility of a NATO-Russia war in 2017. The trouble, in his scenario, would start in the Baltic area. If an investor (let's call him Beelzebub) wanted to gamble on this possibility, what would he buy...
Zetrader le Parrain May 16th 16 07:43 AM
Hello, what's better in your opinion, trading forex or stock indexes ? -- http://zeforums.com finance et biologie
7[_2_] April 23rd 16 09:58 PM
Making money with Linux ----------------------- The whole idea of making money with Linux has always been you can set up your own distros and own markets add content and charge what you want. You don't need permission from anyone. Evidently google and many other companies are adept at it. They have put Linux into their server farms and their smartphones,
Zetrader le Parrain April 23rd 16 05:49 PM
Le 21/04/2016 2:11, lid a écrit : As the subject says. Where can I find some US / Canada finance newsgroups / forums? I invested on the stock market many years ago, and am wondering if this is an appropriate time to get back into shares. Hello, maybe elite trader forums ? --
Greg Williams April 19th 16 04:13 PM
Can someone explain how this is calculated? I understand how it works if there are multiple purchases of the same stock over a period of several years.. What if there are also multiple sales of the same stock - how do I calculate the cost price of remaining shares? I've looked for a simple formula that includes sales. Thank you.
Judith April 12th 16 10:29 AM
I see he only got £3 interest on his bank accounts. Perhaps he should use ISAs or perhaps a Santander 123 Account like other hardworking© people - unless of course he just has no savings whatsoever. Most odd.
Richard Evans April 11th 16 10:32 PM
Hi, Could someone confirm that any Dividend payments made are posted direct to the balance sheet (not on the Profit & Loss?) And what sub catergory should the dividend payments go under on the balance sheet? Many thanks in advance for any feedback, Richard
A.Lee April 10th 16 08:18 AM
I've worked for a couple of rather dodgy builders this year, who paid me via the CIS scheme. I did get pay slips at the time. How do I find out if they paid HMRC my deductions? If they havent paid, what happens? Thanks. -- Alan To reply by mail, change '+' to 'plus'
RobertL April 6th 16 01:34 PM
6 April 2016 I am trying to cash in a savings certificate. The NS&I website seems to work; I can log in, select the certificate, click to cash it and I then type into my phone the 4 digit code that NS&I put on the screen and then call me for confirmation. The phone says the cod eis correct and that the screen will change shortly. But the screen remains unchanged. When I check later the...
tim... April 4th 16 11:46 AM
https://www.tax.service.gov.uk/checkmystatepension "you will receive £XXX.XX" etc" This assumes that you will make full NI contributions from now until you reach retirement age But you numpties I know that I am not going to do that, I need you to tell me what pension I have actually accrued to date, not some mythical figure based upon bogus assumptions
cryptogram April 3rd 16 02:44 PM
I have recently discovered that I own some warrants for Eurotunnel shares. These were registered in 1988 - quite a while ago! Nowhere on the certificate does it say these are time limited. I enquired of Eurotunnel and was told they are no longer valid. That can't be right, can it? Why could this happen?
natasha March 23rd 16 04:48 PM
Hi, just wondering if anyone could give advice on a project I am doing in regards to absorption costing. Have completed my figures, would like someone to take a look & advise if I'm heading in the right direction.
[email protected] March 23rd 16 11:31 AM
My son, who doesn't own a house, is buying a 'buy to let' property. This will thus be his first and only property. My reading of the new rules about the extra 3% stamp duty is that it won't apply to my son's purchase. Am I right? -- Chris Green ·
Geo[_2_] March 23rd 16 10:37 AM
Wife and I are in mid seventies. House (paid for) is in my name. Is there any advantage in changing to joint ownership and if so, how to do it. Scotland if it makes any difference.
investor[_2_] March 18th 16 09:29 AM
I closed my compamy down as I am now 90% retired, but still do a little work. I simply send the companies concerned an invoice with no VAT charged (I de-registered) in my personal name not previous company name. I will decare it as untaxed income on my tax return. Does that income allow me to make a SIPP contribution of that amount (assuming greater than the 3600 gross that everybody can do...
Ian Jackson[_2_] March 8th 16 01:17 PM
As my wife's income is below the tax threshold, and I have to pay tax, it appears that we qualify for the new Marriage Allowance (introduced last April). However, despite looking at countless websites, I am still uncertain about what 'income' is. Some websites imply that it is total income - for example: "Anyone who earns less than that amount – once earnings from work, savings and...
[email protected] March 2nd 16 12:45 PM
Does HMRC or some other government agency have a record of how much one has invested in ISAs each year? We have had a complicated year and I just haven't a clue how much allowance I have left. Is there any way to find out? -- Chris Green ·
tg[_2_] March 1st 16 07:10 AM
I may be travelling quite often in the next financial year. Can anyone please tell me how long one has to be in the UK to be eligible for that year's Individual Savings Account (ISA)? Is it 90 days, or 6 months, or something else? Thanks very much in advance. TG
cryptogram February 17th 16 09:32 PM
I need a website where broker forecasts are pulled together and can be easily seen on one page (preferably), rather than having to go from share to share seeing what the current buy/sell views are. Does anyone know of one?
RobertL February 15th 16 10:12 AM
As I understand it, the government now allows us (since Oct 2015) to withdraw funds from an ISA and return them again within the same tax year without using up any of the annual allowance. However, some ISA providers do not permit this, or have not yet implemented it. In such a case one is therfore forced move the ISA to a provider who does offer it. Has anyone made use of this new freedom? ...
Fredxxx January 14th 16 10:55 PM
Can anyone recommend a good forum/group for a complex VAT question?
investor[_3_] January 1st 16 03:57 PM
Happy New Year all. We can get reasonable interest on fixed rate cash bonds, eg 3.1% for 5 years. It annoys me, and I think it outrageous that banks and BSs offer lower rates for cash in ISAs. Any "good" reason, other than they can get away with it? I would like to hold cash in some of my SIPPs in fixed rate bonds, eg
Harold Davis December 30th 15 05:23 PM
How protected are the contents of safe deposit boxes if a British bank fails? The FSCS, admittedly on a page that talks in baby language and has a cartoon of giraffes, defines a "deposit" as "money placed in a bank or similar institution to earn interest or for safe-keeping" http://www.fscs.org.uk/news/2015/december/new-year-new-fscs-deposits-limit/
Mr Macaw December 26th 15 04:03 PM
Am I being stupid or is somebody lying? Compare the list by a private auditor: http://www.clacksweb.org.uk/council/spotlightonspend/ To the list by the council themselves: Page 2 (how did we do last year) of http://www.clacksweb.org.uk/document/3063.pdf For example, is education 0.54% or 29%? That's a hell of a discrepancy.
[email protected] December 16th 15 08:26 PM
A long time ago, I worked for a Swiss company and built up a pension fund. Haven't worked for them or added to the pension since about 1999 and lived in the UK since 2000. The fund is sitting in a "Vested Benefits Policy" with Allianz in Switzerland. I am unclear about whether there would be UK tax to pay if I cashed this in and brought the cash into the UK. The Swiss would tax at 6-8% - I...
Optimist November 26th 15 08:45 AM
The rate of stamp duty on "second-homes" is set to increase. Will this affect home owners who buy a new property before selling their existing home?
Tough Guy no. 1265 November 17th 15 02:27 PM
http://www.bankofengland.co.uk/banknotes/Pages/damaged_banknotes.aspx Oh my god what's wrong with just handing it in at the bank? -- Last night I reached for my liquid Viagra and accidentally swigged from a bottle of Tippex. I woke up this morning with a huge correction.
Jim x321x November 16th 15 01:34 PM
I did a bit of graphic design work for a major company and they agreed the work, but now they are saying they want a VAT invoice from me so that they can pay me. However, I don't pay VAT. I was under the impression that only a VAT-paying company could issue a "VAT invoice". Am I right about that? I'm concerened that I could be breaking the law if I head my invoice "VAT Invoice". Any advice,...
Pass me the gentle persuader November 15th 15 05:21 AM
Can anyone help me solve this conundrum? I was having a debate with a friend over the subject of clearing credit card debts, when one has several credit cards, each with a different interest rate. His approach to clearing overall debt as quickly as possible is to pay off the smallest debt first. I qusetioned this approach. I put it to him that is makes more sense to pay
Tough Guy no. 1265 October 28th 15 07:28 PM
Does anyone know what paper money is made from? Why isn't this paper used for "waterproof notebooks"? Because the stuff they currently use (allegedly stone based?) isn't very good. -- Gary's weather forecasting stone: Stone is wet Rain Stone is dry Not raining Shadow on ground Sunny White on top Snowing Can't see stone ...
Tough Guy no. 1265 October 27th 15 02:04 PM
1p and 2p coins are pretty much useless and should be removed, like they removed 0.5p coins ages ago. Comments? -- Next time you wave at me, use more than one finger please.
RobertL October 26th 15 09:42 AM
I wonder if someone can tell me what the tax position would be for the following? My wife and I own (as joint tenants) a house which we let. It was once our home. There is no mortgage on it. We would like that my wife take out a buy-to-let mortgage and for her to 'buy out' my share of the house and for her to become the sole owner of it. Can anyone tell me:
Dave October 24th 15 01:14 PM
"MM" wrote in message ... After Talk Talk let no one question any longer whether encryption is necessary. MM Why can't I get a temporary bank account number from my bank? I could get one for every direct debit I set up. Also my actual bank account number would not show when making BACS/ faster payments. The number could have letters also which would make it easier to type.
Jakk October 24th 15 12:55 PM
Where the best discussion forum for TalkTalk's recent data theft? TalkTalk used to have its own forums but they aren't going to be very useful. Thnaks for any info.
[email protected] October 4th 15 11:07 AM
Motor insurance premium of £163.20 per year payable in full or by 1 x £42.64 and 10 x £20.13.....total £243.94. Seems an exorbitant amount of interest?
Jack Ryan September 30th 15 10:52 PM
It is about a year now, that TD Direct Investing has extrajudicially frozen the account of Dr. Yong with them, and seized all his assets. This was done without any judicial authority. TD Direct Investing are still refusing to return his assets to him, despite repeated requests to return the funds to him over the year. By way of background, Dr. Yong was a former Dstl (part of UK MOD) contractor....
Jack Ryan September 29th 15 05:21 PM
It is about a year now, that TD Direct Investing has extrajudicially frozen the account of Dr. Yong with them, and seized all his assets. This was done without any judicial authority. TD Direct Investing are still refusing to return his assets to him, despite repeated requests to return the funds to him over the year. By way of background, Dr. Yong was a former Dstl (part of UK MOD) contractor....
AL_n September 29th 15 11:36 AM
Hi, It is about two years since my CapitalOne card offered me a special transfer rate. Anyone know why? They used to offer me good rates frequenly. Have they stopped doing it? I've phoned them a couple of times but all they say is: "There are no special transfer rates available to you at present. If that changes, we'll write and let you know." TIA Al
7 September 19th 15 11:59 PM
abelard wrote: What is the point of taxation today in a modern digital world? ------------------------------------------------------------- There is so much money in circulation and goods being newly made, its is pointless taxing anything. Just print money so that there is more of it to go around to pay for all the gadgets being created every day at an ever faster pace.
Roger Mills[_2_] September 15th 15 10:39 AM
Does anyone have any experience of making a claim when a risk is covered by more than one insurance policy? I'm thinking of the sort of situation where something gets lost or damaged while on holiday in foreign parts, and where you have a holiday insurance policy *and* "all risks" cover provided by your household insurance. Most policies exclude losses covered by other policies or - at any...
[email protected] September 8th 15 09:00 AM
I belong to an amateur radio club, which has a bank account. At any one time the amount of money in that account is likely to be around £1500. Two of three people are required to sign any cheque (treasurer, chairman or secretary). This makes it impossible for one person to steal money by writing a cheque. But the treasurer has access to the bank account via the internet, which creates a...
tg[_2_] September 3rd 15 02:33 PM
Hi, Could anyone please tell me where I should send my self-assessment tax return form to? In previous years I received the form from HMRC's Cardiff office (with its return address already printed), but this year I'm having to print my own form. Should I send it to the same Cardiff address, or to their self-assessment correspondence address at BX9 1AS?
7 August 28th 15 07:16 PM
sandf wrote: Early on Friday, it emerged many companies that bank with HSBC were unable to pay their staff or suppliers after its IT systems failed. HSBC to process 275,000 delayed payments overnight System failure leaves many workers without their salaries ahead of bank holiday weekend, but bank promises to refund any costs incurred
Tough Guy no. 1265 August 21st 15 05:44 PM
Anyone noticed you hardly ever get £2 coins? Are shops not getting them from banks for their float? I always end up with loads of £1 and no £2. -- A doctor held a stethoscope up to a man's chest. The man asks, "Doc, how do I stand? " The doctor says, "That's what puzzles me!"
Tough Guy no. 1265 August 7th 15 04:11 PM
I frequently deposit coins into a bank, after counting them with a mechanical counter. When each tube is full, that's the right amount for the bank's coin bag. The bank weighs the bag to check it's got enough coins in it. Sometimes they say there is one short, so I checked the machine, and found that a lot of coins have worn thinner, so it can be +/- one coin in a tube. Surely this means the...
tim..... August 4th 15 09:41 PM
"TheChief" wrote in message ... Our 20 yr old son left for Brussels this morning. He has taken enough Euros for a couple of weeks, but how should he proceed thereafter? We are wondering what the most effective way will be to manage his finances. He can use his debit card but this attracts a charge for each transaction. His exchange duration is one school year and he currently...
cryptogram June 25th 15 08:45 PM
I have some shares in a German company and I note that the divis are taxed at 26% at source. Can I reclaim 6& tax to bring them in line with UK divis? They happen to be in an ISA but I don't know whether this is relevant.
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1t-bag March 29th 13 11:04 AM
Hi All, this is my first post so apologies if it's in the wrong place! I'm an executor for my late mother's will. A 'vexatious litigant' who used to be part of the family has put a caveat on the will. A warning has been served and an appearance is apparently being lodged. The 'Caveator' had demanded a sight of the will and of the Estate Accounts. As a legatee and not a beneficary I believe he has...
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